Ube Frontier University

Message from the President

 Ube Frontier University President 

Tsugio AIHARA, MD 


Our educational motto is propriety, self-sufficiency and mutual
cooperation as well as a student-centered ideology.


KAGAWA Masako, the founder of Kagawa Educational Institution, shared
these elements exactly as we do now.


Propriety starts with getting to know your own mental distance to others,
having a good command of fine expressions and having sophisticated
manners. Many people tend to hesitate to use Japanese honorific words
that vary in accordance with situations.


Quite a few foreigners, however, admire the graceful feature of Japanese
honorific expressions. I think we should highly estimate this feature that
derives from our concern for others.


Do you feel at ease to consult a doctor who does not even try to get to know
you? If your answer is negative, you should study very hard in your
specialty and its surrounding fields. At the same time, please refine
yourself as a human being.


In order to accomplish it, why don't you talk to as many people as possible
so that you can try to make friends with them? Never mind making
mistakes! I think young people learn a lot from making mistakes and
therefore it can be your big ticket to success. When you learn to know
yourself, you will be able to consider the feelings of others, live your own
meaningful life, and be close to nature.


This is the way I view our life. If you are intrested in discussing life with
us, why don't you think of starting your study here at Ube Frontier